Top 10 Best-Selling Retro Watches of 2023

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Top 10 Best-Selling Retro Watches of 2023

Some readers ask me to send them the bestseller list before they decide which watch to buy, so sometimes I think this list might be helpful to them.I actually wrote a few articles not too long ago about the best-selling reissue watches, but the situation has changed. Some previously popular reissues aren’t selling well now, and some watch manufacturers have closed down. Today, I will write a review of the top ten best-selling reissue watches of 2023. Although 2023 hasn’t ended yet, the results won’t change.

1.VSF Submariner 126610LV

The 126610LV is a 41mm Rolex Submariner introduced by Rolex, commonly referred to by watch enthusiasts as the ‘Starbucks.’ This reissue watch was launched by the VS Factory in 2020 and remains a best-seller in our market. Many people opt for the 41mm 126610LV when considering a green Submariner. The movement inside the watch is the Super Clone 3235, also known as the ‘Dandong 3235.’ People choose the VS Factory’s 41mm Submariner primarily because of this movement, as it is highly reliable with a low rate of repairs.

2. Clean Dial Daytona 116500 V3

One significant difference between Clean and VS is that Clean continuously improves their flagship models, whereas VS does not. For example, the Daytona 116500 should be Clean’s flagship model. It’s the most profitable watch for Clean and the Daytona 116500 played a significant role in establishing Clean as a leader in the super clone Rolex field. Since Clean introduced the Daytona 116500, this watch has seen three improvements, and even the BT Factory has taken on making this watch. I still believe Clean does it the best.

3. VSF Yacht-Master 226659

The VSF Yacht-Master 226659, launched by VS Factory in 2020, quickly became one of the best-selling watches, virtually outperforming all other YachtMaster watches. When people need a YachtMaster, they usually consider purchasing this YachtMaster replica watch first. The YachtMaster 226659 features a 42mm case made of 316F stainless steel, contrary to claims by other dealers that it is made of 904L stainless steel. The replica Yacht-Master 226659 is powered by the ‘Dandong 3235’ movement. Due to the popularity of the Dandong 3235 movement at the time, many customers wanted to buy VSF’s Yacht-Master, but this watch often went out of stock. This led someone to take notice and form a team to start selling this replica Yacht-Master, and this team became known as JVS.

4. Clean Dial Daytona 116519

Like other Daytonas made by Clean, this Daytona 116519 is also crafted from 904L stainless steel and features the Super Clone 4130 movement, also known as the ‘Dandong 4130.’ This Daytona 116519 comes with a grey dial and is equipped with a pair of black rubber straps. Looking at sales records, many people seem to prefer this grey Daytona over other models. By the way, Clean offers different strap lengths to accommodate various wrist sizes.

5. Clean Datejust Wimbledon

This Wimbledon Datejust watch was released by Clean Factory in 2022, and it has gained quite a reputation. It’s a fresh take on the Datejust, offering a change from the usual black, blue, or silver dials. Try the Wimbledon green Roman dial for a unique look. While some might recommend the VS Factory for the 41mm Datejust, in my opinion, the sunburst finish on the Datejust dial by Clean looks cleaner. The VS Dandong 3235 movement isn’t a significant advantage on the Datejust, and I prefer Clean’s movement, which has a better dial surface treatment.

6. ZF AP Royal Oak 15400

If you’re looking to purchase a high-quality Audemars Piguet watch, the Royal Oak 15400 should be my first recommendation. If you’re in search of a stainless steel watch with a masculine and robust design, this is also my top pick. Both the APS Factory and Z Factory offer super clones of the AP Royal Oak 15400, and even though APS has released the latest V4 version, I would still recommend going with ZF because my clients who have purchased the ZF 15400 have had no complaints about its appearance and movement.

7. Clean GMT-Master II 126710

This GMT-Master II is known as the Batgirl due to its design’s resemblance to Batman, with the Batgirl GMT featuring a Jubilee bracelet, while the Batman has an Oyster bracelet. Both models come with a black and blue ceramic bezel. The GMT-Master II became Clean’s second flagship model thanks to the Dandong 3285 movement. Currently, the best Dandong 3285 movements are only used in Clean’s GMT-Master II production. However, ordering a GMT-Master II from Clean may involve a wait of over half a month. If you don’t want to wait that long, the C+ Factory is also a good option.

8. Clean GMT-Master II 126710BLRO

This GMT-Master II is commonly known as the Pepsi GMT, featuring an anniversary bracelet and a blue/red ceramic bezel. The case diameter measures 40mm, with a thickness of 12.1mm. Alongside the Batgirl and Sprite, these three are the latest GMT-Master II replicas released by Clean this year. It’s a fact that Clean produces the best replica Rolex GMT watches, and many dealers choose Clean’s products as the base for Frankenwatches.

9. 3KF Nautilus 5711

Regarding the Nautilus 5711, it’s also one of the best-selling replica watches, and the blue dial version is the most popular model among all the Nautilus 5711 replicas released by 3KF and PPF. 3KF factory installs the Super Clone PP 324 movement in their replica watches, and the case thickness is the closest to the genuine, measuring less than 8.5mm. By the way, inside 3KF’s Nautilus 5711, you won’t ever hear the loud noise caused by the automatic rotor, making it easy to service.

10. GMF Calendar

It’s definitely one of the dark horses of this year. The GS factory was the first to release an improved 40mm Day-Date with weight modifications, and GM factory followed suit. I didn’t expect the Day-Date to make it to this list, but its sales have been quite impressive, and many people have shown interest in the updated Day-Date. After the improvements, the weight of GS or GM’s Day-Date Rolex replica watches is very close to the genuine Rolex. Buying a Day-Date from GM or GS is a good choice, as the quality is the same.

In this top ten list, you’ll notice that most of these replica watches come from Rolex, which doesn’t surprise me, given that the best-selling replicas are from the two major factories, VS and Clean. Even APS and ZF have tried to enter the replica Rolex field but haven’t succeeded.

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