Inheriting the Classic: Patek Philippe Complications Chronograph Series 5396 Reissue Watch

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Inheriting the Classic: Patek Philippe Complications Chronograph Series 5396 Reissue Watch

Patek Philippe, born in Geneva, Switzerland, boasts a 178-year history. It is a top-tier watch brand, renowned for its exceptional watchmaking expertise, high aesthetic standards, and classical elegance, earning the title of ‘the world’s first.’ Patek Philippe pays meticulous attention to the details of watchmaking and has developed numerous patented technologies, making indelible contributions to the watchmaking industry. While its annual watch production may not be as high as Rolex, the brand’s intrinsic value and the collectible worth of its timepieces far surpass that of Rolex. Each watch is crafted with exquisite precision and meticulous artistry, with components striving for perfection. To date, Patek Philippe has created numerous astonishing masterpieces for its enthusiasts.

Complications Chronograph Series

In 2006, Patek Philippe introduced the 5396 series of watches with a contemporary 21st-century style, replacing the power reserve display with a 24-hour indicator. By 2010, the new Complications Chronograph 5396 series watches were successively launched. Their design inspiration drew from the retro style of the 1980s, paying tribute to the discontinued 3448 perpetual calendar watches. Due to the full range of functions and superior performance of the 5396 Complications Chronograph series, and most importantly, a more accessible price point, these watches garnered a warm reception upon their release, achieving excellent sales performance.

5396 Series

The highest-grade reissue of the 5396 series currently available in the market is produced by KM Factory after two years of research and testing. They successfully transformed the movement into the same caliber 324S mechanical movement as the original, instead of using the cheap domestic movements commonly found in the market. The KM Factory version comprises five different dial options, all featuring day, week, month, and moon phase functions, and they operate in the same way as the original. Each warranty card is unique, and no two watches or cards are identical. It boasts its distinct features and advantages.

Model: 5396G-011

The design of this Complications series watch is simple and elegant, featuring a fresh and refined silver-white dial and raised bar-shaped hour markers, ensuring the dial is clear and easy to read. The sloped bezel design is inspired by the Calatrava style, characterized by its captivating gloss and well-defined overall depth, vividly capturing Patek Philippe’s artistic and classical sentiment.

Model: 5396G-014

This watch features a deep gray dial, exuding understated luxury and an elegant aristocratic style. It incorporates unique Arabic numeral hour markers, with silver-toned hands and indices complementing the dial color. The adjustments for the day and month functions are performed through buttons located at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock positions, respectively, while the moon phase changes over time, and the calendar adjustments are made using the crown.

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