The third and first mechanical watch: IWC Mark 20

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The third and first mechanical watch: IWC Mark 20

As we age, our aesthetics and needs gradually change. I used to think that an Apple Watch could travel all over the world, but suddenly I realized that a mechanical watch is a hurdle that a man cannot get around in his life. It happened that I had been working hard in the United States for more than a year, so I decided to take this opportunity to treat myself to a watch. To be honest, I don’t worry too much about the brand. I have liked the history and tone of the brand IWC for a long time. What I specifically pursue in a watch is a simple design, a friendly price, and a good enough movement. And the IWC Mark 20 series that happened to have the core changed became my first choice.

This upgrade of the IWC Mark 20 can be said to be quite conscientious. It not only replaces the much-criticized movement on the Mark 18 with Li Feng’s own 120-hour automatic reserve 32111, it is also equipped with an Easx-Change quick-release strap system. The price is not much more expensive than the Mark 18. The new generation of Engineer series watches just launched by IWC use the same movement as the Mark 20. For a moment, I didn’t know whether to say that an engineer worth 100,000 yuan was too worthless, or that a Mark 20 worth 40,000 yuan was too good value. I like all four dial colors, but in the end I chose the more conservative black dial, thinking it would be better matched with a watch strap and clothes. Without further ado, let me unbox it for you.

Very simple and compact watch box.

Opening the box, a leather travel watch box comes into view. The drawer-like design reminds me of Leica camera packaging.

Pull open the compartment below to find the warranty card, instructions, fiber cloth and tools for changing/cutting the strap. That’s basically what’s in the box.

I chose the official IWC bright yellow rubber strap. I think the whole look of the Mark 20 instantly looks much younger after being put on a rubber strap. Of course, this tape also supports the Easx-Change quick release system, which is very convenient. In addition, it also has many colors to choose from. Come and enjoy it with me.

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